For over 30 years, MESCO has opened a shop where we use the machines that we sell for production. The intention is to complement our customer requirement as well as develop the in-house expertise in using the machines and toolings, such that MESCO is in a better position to transfer manufacturing know-how to our customers.



Manufacturing - 3 844x312

Since the mid 90's, we have focused on producing machine tool components for our partner MAZAK. We are rated as B+ / A supplier by Mazak with less than 0.01% rejection and 99% on-time delivery. In 2005, MESCO Manufacturing started mass production on high precision parts purely for export. As of September 2008, we have over a dozen CNC machines with 50 personnel running two to three shifts with a floor space of 1,200 square meters.


CNC Precision Machining Area

The first project from Mazak was to make 100 sets of levelling blocks in 1990. These are commonly used to level CNC and conventional machines. Since then, MESCO manufacturing has delivered over 70,000 sets

Sample parts produced for Mazak. Over 800 different parts are made with a total of 30,000 parts being delivered every month



    Machine List (Sept 2008)

    CNC Lathes

    • 2 x Mazak QTN-200M
    • 3 x Mazak QTN-150
    • 1 x Mazak QT-200
    • 3 x Mazak QT-6T
    • 1 x Mazak QT-25

    Grinding Machines  

    • 3 x Chevalier FSG618 surface grinders
    • 1 x Thompson Surface Grinder
    • 1 x Blanchard Rotary Grinder
    • 1 x Toyoda Centerless Grinder

    Machining Centers  

    • 1 x Mazak HCN-5000 with 120 tool magazine
    • 1 x Mazak H-500
    • 2 x Mazak VCN-410
    • 2 x Mazak Imp-30


    • 2 x Everising Automatic Bansaw
    • 1 x Mitutoyo CMM
    • 10 x various conventional lathes and milling machines